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A Promising Climate Solution

The nitrogen we use is critical to both agriculture and the environment. Much of the nitrogen fertilizer farmers apply ends up in the environment through leaching and volatilization instead of being taken up by the crops. Fortunately, traditional nitrogen fertilizer isn’t our only option. When farmers replace a portion of their traditional nitrogen with Pivot Bio’s more predictable microbial nitrogen, they help protect and preserve our soil, air and water.

Pivot Bio's 2022 Impact

Nitrogen pollution is a critical environmental challenge because it impacts so many areas: air and water pollution, biodiversity loss, ozone layer depletion and human health. The glass-half-empty view is that it makes all of these worse. The glass-half-full view is that if we better manage our relationship with it, the positive impacts are far-reaching.

Dr. David Kanter, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, New York University
Image of Dr. David Kanter, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, New York University

Harnessing Nature To Solve The Nitrogen Dilemma

One of the most groundbreaking technologies in modern agriculture was the invention of nitrogen fertilizer. This technology allowed farmers to increase crop yields and meet the growing global demands of nutritious food. It’s estimated that half of the global population is supported by nitrogen fertilizers, and demand is escalating. By 2050, it’s estimated that 50% more fertilizer will be needed to feed the world.

Unfortunately, in the U.S., we face a growing problem of nitrogen waste — fertilizer that’s applied to farmland and winds up in the environment instead of being taken up by the crops. This waste is bad for our environment and a farmer’s bottom line.

There is a better way. Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen adheres to the roots, providing small amounts of ammonia to the crop when it needs it. Our microbial nitrogen is safer to handle and weatherproof. It does not leach or contribute to nitrous oxide pollution because it stays on the root.

Better for the Farmer. Better for the Environment.

Tractor driving through a wheat field

On a typical 1,500-acre Iowa corn farm, replacing 40 lbs/acre of traditional nitrogen fertilizer with PROVEN® 40 would eliminate over 27 metric tons of fertilizer and avoid 260 metric tons of CO₂e emissions. That’s equivalent to the annual electricity demand of over 53 homes or the carbon sequestration from 310 acres of U.S. forest — from a single farm.

Our 2022 Impact

Illustration graphic explaining what 226.4k Metric Tons CO2e is equivalent to
Aerial photo of a green field

Through the N-OVATOR™ program, Pivot Bio helps corporate partners meet their value chain (Scope 3) targets by selling verified nitrogen credits, sustainably produced grains or both. N-OVATOR™ is a scalable solution that provides immediate and permanent reductions each year on millions of row crop acres.

Our Global Impact

To feed the world’s growing population, we need a nitrogen solution that works in every geography.

Global Opportunities, Global Solutions
Global Opportunities, Global Solutions

Globally, farmers rely on nitrogen to deliver the yields necessary to sustain the food supply. Yet traditional fertilizer is inaccessible to much of the world due to its supply chain infrastructure and high cost.

We’re committed to creating a more equitable nitrogen landscape for growers globally. Microbial nitrogen can be manufactured domestically within any country and has a 1,000-times weight reduction compared to the fertilizer it replaces, a game changer for the supply chain. With more affordable, more accessible nitrogen — whose price isn’t dictated by fossil fuel volatility or global shocks to supply chains — we can change the way our world grows food.

As we look forward, we will continue to expand our commercial registration into other countries where agriculture contributes to 33% of GDP and employs more than 40% of the total population.

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“I use nitrogen fertilizer on my crops to boost my production, but it hasn’t been easy getting it as the price keeps appreciating. It’s challenging to get fertilizer and seedlings, and the weather is unpredictable.”

Margaret M
Smallholder Corn Farmer, Kenya

Our Technology

Pivot Bio’s technology meets the demand for nitrogen consistency and dependability. Unlike synthetic nitrogen, our microbial nitrogen stays at the root, delivering nitrogen to crops, all season long, across all growing regions and weather.

A Better Nitrogen

When farmers replace a portion of their traditional nitrogen with Pivot Bio’s more predictable microbial nitrogen, they help preserve our soil, air and water for the next generation of farmers.