Pivot Bio’s N-OVATOR™ Program

Rewarding Sustainability

Replacing synthetic fertilizer with Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen delivers an immediate, durable and permanent change to a farm’s economic and environmental profile.

Through our N-OVATOR™ Program, we translate growers’ synthetic nitrogen replacement into the environmental impact they delivered. This impact contributes to our corporate partners’ sustainability goals while generating new revenue for growers.

For Farmers

Replace synthetic fertilizer with Pivot Bio and get paid for your environmental stewardship.

For Corporate Partners

Achieve an immediate, permanent change to your Scope 3 emissions profile.

Sustainability that works for farmers and verifiably advances climate commitments.

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    Our program measures and rewards impact each year, without the multi-year contracts and burdensome data requirements.

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    Farmers can be confident in their yield and environmental impact and generate emissions reductions that are immediate and permanent.

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    Farmers are rewarded for the impact of the synthetic nitrogen replacement each year and generate consistent nitrogen credits every season.

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    Pivot Bio products work with corn, corn silage, spring wheat, sorghum, and other small grains, integrating seamlessly with existing management practices for easy scalability across millions of acres.

N-OVATOR™ for Farmers

Repeatable by design and flexible by nature, N-OVATOR™ rewards farmers for the impact from replacing a portion of their synthetic fertilizer with our microbial nitrogen.

N-OVATOR™ for Corporate Partners

Offering immediate, permanent Scope 3 emissions reductions, N-OVATOR™ helps companies achieve their decarbonization and product sustainability goals.

Pivot Bio scientist in a lab working with microbes in a petri dish

Better Nitrogen, From Nature

Pivot Bio is the recognized leader in nitrogen innovation, realizing the full potential of soil microbes to capture and metabolize nitrogen from the atmosphere. Our technology replaces synthetic fertilizer with a more sustainable, predictable solution that maintains crop yields and on-farm profitability.

N-OVATOR™ Nitrogen Credits

A nitrogen credit is a tradable asset that captures the positive environmental impacts that are delivered when synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is replaced with a non-polluting nitrogen source – such as preservation of water, reductions in nitrate leaching and avoided greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrogen credits are measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent avoided, liters of water preserved, and kilos of nitrate leaching prevented.

A More Sustainable Future

Pivot Bio can solve agriculture’s biggest challenge by delivering nitrogen to plants to feed a growing population without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer.

The Nitrogen Dilemma

Synthetic nitrogen has fueled modern agriculture, but at a cost. Pivot Bio delivers reliable, predictable and sustainable nitrogen for farmers without compromising on yield.

Verified Carbon Credits may be issued for the greenhouse gas emission reductions associated with crops grown in the continental U.S. as part of the N-OVATOR™ program