Nitrogen for Wheat

Pivot Bio RETURN®

Wheat is highly dependent on nitrogen fertilizers to thrive, despite advances in plant breeding. With RETURN®, farmers planting spring or winter wheat can reduce their reliance on synthetic fertilizer and supply more predictable, productive nutrition at the root when the crop needs it most, regardless of soil type or weather.

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Pivot Bio RETURN® consistently and efficiently replaces up to 25 pounds per acres of synthetic fertilizer while maintaining yields.

  • A Smart Investment

    Available on-seed or in-furrow, RETURN® can replace up to 25 lbs per acre of synthetic fertilizer, delivering consistent nutrition without loss and proven ROI.

  • A Better Nitrogen

    The microbes in RETURN® convert atmospheric nitrogen into a plant-available form, providing a source of the critical nutrient that stays put all season, regardless of weather or growing region, with no loss due to runoff, leaching or volatilization.

  • A Proven Performer

    RETURN® has proven to deliver increased grain yield, plant biomass and plant dry weight, both in reduced nitrogen practice and 100% nitrogen checks.

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How to Buy Pivot Bio

Pivot Bio has an extensive network of sales representatives working side-by-side with field agronomists to ensure farmers get the most value from our products. Many of our reps are farmers themselves who understand the challenges of modern agriculture and are committed to solutions that drive profitability and sustainability on the farm.

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N-OVATOR™ for Farmers

Using Pivot Bio microbial nitrogen is better for plants and the environment, eliminating nitrogen leaching and volatilization into the atmosphere. We created the N-OVATOR™ program to incentivize and reward farmers for their synthetic nitrogen reductions and environmental impact.

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Product Stewardship

Available for application on-seed and in-furrow, our biofertilizer works with existing farming practices and seamlessly integrates with planting. Because our microbial nitrogen is a living organism, farmers should follow our handling, storage, and usage guidelines to ensure they get the most value from their nutrient investment.

Nitrogen, Naturally

Learn how Pivot Bio’s science enables microbes to work as nature intended, supporting crop productivity and increasing ROI.

Proven Solutions

Review research, testing and field trials that confirm the efficacy, safety and sustainability of our biologicals.

What Farmers Have to Say

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    Nitrogen is extremely important to a wheat crop, but the issue with it, especially in our northern climate, is application of that nitrogen is extremely difficult and we lose more than we really utilize within that crop. RETURN® helps me sleep at night knowing that the nitrogen that we're putting out there is going to stay in the soil no matter if we get a huge rainstorm or stay dry all year.

    Chad Rubbelke - Des Lacs, ND

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    Instead of hauling tons and tons and tons of commercial fertilizer, we can use considerably less product on the whole farm. It speeds up our seeding operation and it’s a lot easier for me. Less expense, more profit. That's what we're after.

    Ed Goodian - Box Elder, MT

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    I'm using Pivot Bio RETURN® because I want a product that utilizes the soil and the environment to produce nitrogen naturally, so that I don't have to add commercial fertilizers.

    Thomas Ridder - Marienthal, KS

Tractor applying Pivot Bio product

Pivot Bio’s NLIGHTEN® in-furrow tank system mounts on your existing planter to deliver the precise amount of microbial nitrogen, right at the root, on every acre. Through the NLIGHTEN® equipment reimbursement program, farmers can offset the cost of in-furrow equipment when they use PROVEN® 40 or RETURN®, making it easier to replace synthetic nitrogen with our more predictable and sustainable crop nutrition.

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