A Milestone in Crop Nutrition

Nitrogen's Turning Point

Perhaps no pursuit is more noble than that of a farmer. Producing the food, fuel and products we depend on is all in a day’s work for farm families worldwide. Pivot Bio is dedicated to supporting farmers with products that optimize crop production through specifically timed and placed nitrogen delivery. Together, we are working toward a future that is more efficient, profitable, predictable, safe and sustainable for farmers and the planet.

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avoided since 2022

A catalyst for positive change, Pivot Bio brings partners together in pursuit of a sustainable future for agriculture.

Meeting the Needs of Today's Growers

A purpose-built solution for increased nitrogen efficiency.

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    The Potential for Better

    Pivot Bio microbial nitrogen changes everything, complementing a farmer’s fertilizer management plans by delivering nitrogen directly to the plant’s roots at the right time.

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    A Purpose-Built Solution

    Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen puts nitrogen where the plant needs it so that it’s there when the plant needs it. Our gene-edited microbes convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into ammonia directly on the plant’s root system.

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    Results That Count

    As long as a plant has roots, it has access to Pivot Bio’s nitrogen source. Pivot Bio products help ensure crops have the right source of nitrogen, at the right place and time, from the right source, enhancing better nutrient uptake early on and setting crops up for future success.

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Our Products

Efficiency-enhancing, purpose-built microbes that optimize crop production through specifically placed and timed nitrogen delivery.

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Award-Winning Innovations

Pivot Bio’s breakthrough technologies have led to a spot on TIME magazine’s 200 Best Inventions list for two consecutive years, as well as Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024.

That’s the end goal. To make every acre the best that it can be.

Dane Titman, Iowa Farmer
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Our Perspective

Pivoting Forward with Continued Expansion

Pivoting Forward with Continued Expansion

Having grown up and lived in southern Illinois my entire life, I’ve had a front-row seat to how rapidly things change in agriculture. Faced with...