Building Better Nitrogen

Harnessing the Power of Nature

Synthetic fertilizer has, until now, been the primary way farmers grow the food the world needs.

Our crop nutrition technologies harness the power of nature to deliver nitrogen to plants. They enable microbes to convert atmospheric nitrogen and deliver it to crops, providing a source of nitrogen throughout the growing season.

Our nitrogen is manufactured in North America, safer to handle and does not runoff into streams or cause climate pollution.

Partnering with Pivot Bio, growers achieve better profitability, predictability, safety, and sustainability.

A Proven Performer

Extensive independent research and structured trials validate our product promise.

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Soil is Life

Soil is alive, dynamic, always changing. It is the factory of life. Millions of microorganisms, from bacteria to fungi, archaea to protozoa, form a balanced ecosystem with minerals, plant roots, insects, water and air, building soil organic matter and carbon. As these microbes feed on organic matter and each other, they stabilize the soil, add structure, and release vital nutrients to the plants above.

Over the last century, we have learned that agrochemicals disturb the natural nutrient cycle by inhibiting microbe density and diversity. Without microbes, vital tasks like suppressing pests and pathogens, holding water, balancing soil pH, and nitrogen fixation are lost.

When soil degrades, nutrient cycles and beneficial microbes don’t work as they should, entrenching a cycle of synthetic fertilizer dependency.

Our Nitrogen
Our Nitrogen

Of the millions of microorganisms in the soil, only certain microbes are capable of converting atmospheric nitrogen (N₂) to plant-available nitrogen (NH₃).

To create a more sustainable nitrogen solution, we spent more than a decade studying how microbes work in nature and developing the first nitrogen-fixing microbes for cereal crops.

Pivot Bio Scientist Analyzes Microbes on a Computer Screen

Our Breakthrough Innovation

We are enabling naturally occurring microbes to work as nature intended.

  • Mapping trillions of soil microbes pulled from many acres of the target crop, Pivot scientists pinpoint a microbe natural to the crop's specific microbiome with the genetic code for nitrogen fixation.

  • We evaluate billions of ways to edit the microbe’s own genetic code to enable its nitrogen fixation powers. We do not introduce genes from other organisms. The changes made are all done within the microbes’ own genome.

  • Applied at planting, this microbe naturally associates to the root, fixing atmospheric N₂ into NH₃.

  • These microbes continuously fix nitrogen, providing the plant precise, steady NH₃ throughout the growing season, regardless of weather.

We developed the first nitrogen-fixing microbes for cereal crops, creating a more sustainable way to nourish crops.

A Natural Process
A Natural Process

Our microbes are produced using fermentation -- requiring only water, sugar and basic nutrients to reproduce to the necessary concentration. While synthetic nitrogen fertilizers rely on a complex network of international inputs and fossil fuels, our manufacturing process requires dramatically less energy with almost no greenhouse gas emissions. And because our product is made in the U.S., farmers are assured stability in the supply chain.

An Economic Solution, Not Just Environmental
An Economic Solution, Not Just Environmental

Unlike synthetic fertilizers which store nitrogen in the soil, our microbes bind to the root, produce a steady supply of nitrogen to the plant and ensure that the crop gets nutrition across the season’s critical growth periods, when it needs it most. No repeat passes, no leaching, runoff, or economic loss from wasted product. Just the right rate of crop nutrition, at the right time, in the right location.

And we have the data to prove it. Through extensive testing and field trials, we confirmed the safety and scalability of our microbial nitrogen. We completed the broadest, single-season in-plant nitrogen study in the U.S. We measured and verified product performance, finding our microbial nitrogen resulted in 14% more nitrogen in the plant and 12% more plant biomass compared to untreated plants.

Thanks to our breakthroughs, we are supporting healthier, more productive and resilient crops and preventing nitrogen loss to the environment, signaling a sea change in nitrogen management.

A Solution Based in Science

We have turned to nature for answers and to science for solutions. Through extensive research and field trials, we have proven a better nitrogen exists, from the soil.

  • Peer Reviewed Science

    Access academic, peer-reviewed articles and research about our science, process and product.

  • Performance Data Reports

    Review performance reports developed by Pivot Bio scientists and independent contract research organizations.

  • Independent & University Field Trials

    See how our products performed under real-world growing conditions and management in on-farm trials conducted by leading agricultural universities and research organizations.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

We collaborate and innovate alongside some of the world’s leading academic minds in plant sciences, microbiology and genetics through our Scientific Advisory Board.

Key Milestones

Timeline of Pivot Bio Key Milestones

A More Sustainable Future

Pivot Bio can solve agriculture’s biggest challenge by delivering nitrogen to plants to feed a growing population without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer.

The Nitrogen Dilemma

Synthetic nitrogen has fueled modern agriculture, but at a cost. Pivot Bio delivers reliable, predictable and sustainable nitrogen for farmers without compromising on yield.