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Pivot Bio products are more than just reimagining nitrogen, they are something farmers can rely on to be a predictable and productive solution for crops’ nitrogen needs. Grow with us.




See why Pivot Bio PROVEN® is a more predictable, more productive way to supply nitrogen to your corn crop.



While essential, nitrogen is volatile. Pivot Bio PROVEN® stays put, so you have the peace of mind of knowing your corn is getting the nitrogen it needs, when it needs it the most.



Instead of excess nitrogen that would be carried away in extreme weather, Pivot Bio PROVEN® microbes adhere to the roots of the plant, supplying it with nitrogen on a daily basis. This results in both healthier plants, and more predictable and productive yields, weather or not.



The future of farming depends on a sustainable fertilizer source. Pivot Bio PROVEN® is bringing this to farmers in the form of nitrogen producing microbes that can satisfy increasing productivity demands while preserving environmental resources.



The best way to honor the past is to improve the future. Pivot Bio PROVEN® helps ensure the natural resources you rely on today will endure for generations to come.


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