Transforming Agriculture

We Can Replace Synthetic Fertilizer

In a volatile world with a growing population, pressure on natural resources, and unpredictable weather, farmers need a more reliable, sustainable way to grow the food the world needs.

A sustainable agriculture company, Pivot Bio delivers farmers patented crop nutrition technologies that harness the power of nature to solve agriculture’s biggest challenge: delivering nitrogen to plants without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer.

Partnering with Pivot Bio, growers achieve better profitability, predictability, safety, and sustainability.

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Upending the $190 Billion Nitrogen Market

We make the leading synthetic nitrogen replacement products on the market. Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 consistently and efficiently replaces up to 40 pounds per acre of synthetic nitrogen without compromising on yield.

We see a future for farming that is more profitable, predictable, safe, and sustainable.

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    Focused on Farmers

    Farmers need crop nutrition that is safer, more predictable, and increases profitability – without compromising yield.

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    Proven to Perform

    We are grounded in science, using patented crop nutrition technologies and rigorous testing to deliver a proven replacement to synthetic nitrogen.

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    A Sustainable Agriculture Breakthrough

    Harnessing the power of nature, we're solving agriculture's biggest challenge -- how to sustainably nourish the world's most vital crops, drive farmer ROI and protect our soil, air and water.

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Our Leadership

At Pivot Bio, we believe ideas and innovation can transform agriculture for the better. Our leadership team, board members and scientific advisory board include pioneers in agriculture, microbiology, genetics and operations – all working together to help farmers across the globe.

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Our Focus

Our transformative technology is changing something that has been done the same way for over 100 years.

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Our People

Pivot Bio is powered by individuals with unique skill sets, education, experience and perspectives. From fermentation scientists to software engineers to accountants to field agronomists, every mind matters. We’re working together to do better by farmers and the planet by offering one of agriculture’s most promising climate solutions.

Our Partners

We have built alliances across agriculture, from farmers to trade groups, working together to apply our transformative technology to drive sustainability at scale.