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  • Pivot Bio Website

    One of our portfolio companies, @PivotBio was included in a study done by the University of Kentucky, and found an impressive 11 bu/ac yield advantage with their patented crop nutrition technology. This is one of the most promising climate solutions, with the potential to upend the $190B fertilizer market.

  • Pivot Bio Press Release

    A recent University of Kentucky study highlights the effectiveness of @PivotBio's microbial nitrogen solutions, demonstrating notable improvements in corn yields. This study reinforces our shared mission to bring forward sustainable, innovative solutions for agriculture at scale. Learn more:

  • AgWeb News Article

    New data from university trials highlight the significant impact that @PivotBio crop nutrition tech contributes to yield, signaling how this promising climate-smart agtech can disrupt the $190B fertilizer market.

  • CropLife News Article

    A University of Kentucky study found that @PivotBio microbial nitrogen boosts corn yields by 11 bu/ac, proof that climate-smart agtech can disrupt the $190B fertilizer market.

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Cover of 2023 University of Kentucky PROVEN 40 Study

During a comprehensive on-farm study evaluating Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 effects on no-till corn following a cereal rye cover crop, researchers at the University of Kentucky observed notable grain yield and plant health benefits.

A More Sustainable Future

Pivot Bio can solve agriculture’s biggest challenge by delivering nitrogen to plants to feed a growing population without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer.

The Nitrogen Dilemma

Synthetic nitrogen has fueled modern agriculture, but at a cost. Pivot Bio delivers reliable, predictable and sustainable nitrogen for farmers without compromising on yield.