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Reaching our global climate goals will take creative solutions and the support of farmers, scientists, agronomists, investors and corporate partners alike. Pivot Bio is the premier agriculture partner to lead businesses, big and small, to ambitious climate goals and achieve SBTi targets. Our revolutionary N-OVATOR Program is linking growers and companies to lower Scope 3 emissions while bringing new revenue to the farmers who feed the world.

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    Pivot Bio's N-OVATOR Program made significant strides in 2023, delivering both new revenue to farmers and meaningfully reducing Scope 3 emissions for their corporate partners. I'm looking forward to seeing how this nitrogen insetting program will further scale in 2024. Learn more: pivotbio.co/novator-corporate-partners

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    Initiatives like Pivot Bio's nitrogen insetting approach, which reduces synthetic fertilizer use and rewards farmers for more sustainable practices, helps tackle Scope 3 emissions head-on. We’re proud to see our portfolio companies help lead the transformation of the food system: pivotbio.co/novator-corporate-partners

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    Innovation for our food system is necessary to protect our planet. Pivot Bio's N-OVATOR Program is helping companies significantly reduce their Scope 3 emissions with a powerful new approach to scaling new and innovative farming practices. Learn more: pivotbio.co/novator-corporate-partners

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    Seeing all the progress made by Pivot Bio and its partners in the N-OVATOR Program over the past year has been fantastic. Innovative approaches to scale more sustainable agriculture practices like this one are the win-win solutions we need to support farmers, our food system and the environment. Learn more: https://www.pivotbio.com/novator-program-corporate

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Pivot Bio Sustainability Program Verifies the Avoidance of More than 315,000 MT of CO2e Since 2022

Aimed at helping growers and companies reduce emissions, the Pivot Bio N-OVATOR™ Program is recognized with an Environment + Energy Leader 2024 Top Project Award

Driving On-Farm Practice Changes through the N-OVATOR Program

The Pivot Bio N-OVATOR program encourages farmers to replace their synthetic fertilizer with microbial nitrogen, which can help reduce the amount of nitrogen needed, decrease waste, reduce emissions, and result in new revenue streams.

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    Pivot Bio talks insets vs. offsets, paying farmers, and NO2.
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    Pivot Bio's sustainability program pays farmers $6 million.
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    Pivot Bio N-OVATOR achieves significant environmental savings.
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    Pivot Bio customers offset 75K cars' worth of carbon dioxide.