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    Farmers using Pivot Bio products reduced over 700,000 metric tons of CO2e in 2023 through more efficient nitrogen management. This number will continue to grow as more farmers and acres adopt their products. Better nitrogen management = better environmental stewardship. More data from Pivot Bio here: pivotbio.co/impact-2023

  • Option 2

    Pivot Bio’s 2023 Impact Report details impressive strides toward a new era in nitrogen management and paints a promising picture for the future of agriculture overall. Exciting things are happening with Pivot - and they have the data to back it. pivotbio.co/impact-2023

  • Option 3

    In 2023 alone, farmers using Pivot Bio’s products reduced more than 700,000 MT of carbon dioxide – on par with the impact of an industrial CCS project. The data is clear – improved nitrogen management works. pivotbio.co/impact-2023

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    Half of all global meals are made possible by fertilizer. Pivot Bio is leading this critical industry forward by reimagining how nutrients are delivered to crops. Learn more: pivotbio.co/impact-2023

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    Better nitrogen management = better environmental stewardship. The 2023 data from @PivotBio here: pivotbio.co/impact-2023

  • Option 2

    Smart and intentional nitrogen management is paving the way for the future of agriculture. @PivotBio has the data to prove it. pivotbio.co/impact-2023

  • Option 3

    Taking 166K cars off the road would avoid about 700,000 MT of CO2 in a year. Something only a handful of companies and @PivotBio’s farmers can match. pivotbio.co/impact-2023

  • Option 4

    Half of all global meals are made possible by fertilizer. @PivotBio is reimagining what fertilizer can look like and having a big impact in the process. pivotbio.co/impact-2023

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Recent News

Recent news and coverage about Pivot Bio's N-OVATOR Program.

Pivot Bio Sustainability Program Verifies the Avoidance of More than 315,000 MT of CO2e Since 2022

Aimed at helping growers and companies reduce emissions, the Pivot Bio N-OVATOR™ Program is recognized with an Environment + Energy Leader 2024 Top Project Award

Driving On-Farm Practice Changes through the N-OVATOR Program

The Pivot Bio N-OVATOR program encourages farmers to replace their synthetic fertilizer with microbial nitrogen, which can help reduce the amount of nitrogen needed, decrease waste, reduce emissions, and result in new revenue streams.

Recent News

News from the Pivot Bio team about how our science is changing the way nitrogen is produced and used by the world's farmers.