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Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40




Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 microbes form a symbiotic relationship with the corn plant. These microbes take nitrogen from the air and create the ammonia that plants need to grow and thrive, supplying it to the plant throughout the most critical growth stages. Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 adheres directly to the root of the corn plant and does not run off during weather events, providing farmers with a more reliable and consistent method for delivering plant nutrition. 


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Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 Sales Representatives are your local, trusted crop nutrient advisors. By providing unmatched service, these representatives are with you every step of your journey to a better nitrogen solution.

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A Decade of Research

After a decade of research, Pivot Bio has created a powerful solution to a tough problem. From laboratories to greenhouse testing and large on-farm trials, Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 has been thoroughly tested to bring a better nitrogen solution to farmers.

Creating a Better Nitrogen


Multiple Years of Data

Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 consistently outperforms synthetic nitrogen fertilizer year-over-year, providing corn growers with a more predictable, more productive nitrogen supply that isn’t lost to the environment like traditional fertilizers.

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Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is more than just a re-imagining of crop nitrogen. It can be a part of how any farmer manages nitrogen, or it  will work as the foundational piece of any nitrogen management plan.

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How it works

Season-long Confidence

About half of the synthetic nitrogen applied to crops never reaches the plant. It volatilizes, leaches or is washed away with rain. Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 adheres to the root of the corn plant, applying nitrogen every day during the critical growth stages.

Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 is a more predictable, more productive form of nitrogen.

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Year-Over-Year Performance


The 2021 Performance Report is the culmination of countless hours of dedicated work by farmers, the Pivot Bio team, and independent research organizations to analyze the millions of data points from the past growing season. The addition of Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 provides a remarkable advantage in plant biomass, resulting in an overall increase of 6.5% in corn plant biomass.

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Product Stewardship

Pivot Bio is committed to farmer success and has created several tools to ensure farmers get the most out of every Pivot Bio product.

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