N-OVATOR™ for Farmers

Get Paid for Using Better Nitrogen

Pivot Bio makes it easy for farmers to use a more sustainable nitrogen while achieving the performance and predictability you depend upon. With the N-OVATOR™ Program, Pivot Bio translates your impact from replacing synthetic fertilizer with its microbial nitrogen into reliable revenue for your farm.

Choose a More Sustainable, Productive Nitrogen

Get rewarded for your impact from using Pivot Bio's better, more sustainable nitrogen.

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While we can’t eliminate nitrogen fertilizer, we can replace it with something better.

A Solution From and For Nature
A Solution From and For Nature

When you replace synthetic fertilizer with PROVEN® 40 and RETURN®, you’re not just making the right choice for the health and productivity of your crop. You’re making a decision to reduce your environmental impact and steward cleaner air and water.

We believe you should be rewarded for that.

Through the N-OVATOR™ Program, Pivot Bio translates your impact into nitrogen credits that companies purchase to meet their own decarbonization and sustainability goals. And we return that revenue to you.

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    N-OVATOR™ measures your impact each year, without the multi-year contracts and burdensome data requirements.

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    Using Pivot Bio microbial fertilizer, you can be confident in your yield and get rewarded for your impact.

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    You can generate revenue with each crop cycle by using a nitrogen that’s safer, saves you time, and is more reliable.

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    Pivot Bio products work with corn, corn silage, spring wheat, sorghum, and other small grains, integrating seamlessly with existing management practices for easy scalability across millions of acres.

How N-OVATOR™ Works

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    Establish Baseline

    Provide one year of documented historical nitrogen input data from your operation to establish a baseline.

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    Use Pivot Bio Products

    Choose and use a Pivot Bio product to replace at least 25 lbs/acre of synthetic fertilizer on your crop.

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    Verify Product Use

    Confirm the replacement of synthetic fertilizer fertilizer with Pivot Bio product(s).

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    Get Paid

    Growers will share in the revenue generated from the N-OVATOR™ Program.

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“N-OVATOR™ gives farmers the ability to collect a little extra cash and gives them that little extra encouragement to reduce synthetic fertilizer. I tell other farmers: ‘Reduce your nitrogen, keep your yield the same, and cut some costs. And, here’s some money for doing so.”

Shawn F
3rd Generation Farmer, Luverne, MN
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    How does using a Pivot Bio product and participating in N-OVATOR™ impact my existing on-farm practices?

    No extra equipment, fewer passes, lower fuel expenses, and integrated data collection with software you already use (including John Deere® or Climate FieldView™ systems) means there’s no impact to your existing farming practices.

    How can I be sure that Pivot Bio will maintain the confidentiality of my information?

    We value our customer's privacy and have put processes and policies in place to keep your production data and other private information confidential, as outlined in our Product Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Pivot Bio microbial nitrogen delivers more yield, weathers uncertainty, and offers a more sustainable nitrogen solution with impact that pays.

N-OVATOR™ Nitrogen Credits

A nitrogen credit is a tradable asset that captures the positive environmental impacts that are delivered when synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is replaced with a non-polluting nitrogen source – such as preservation of water, reductions in nitrate leaching and avoided greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrogen credits are measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent avoided, liters of water preserved, and kilos of nitrate leaching prevented.

A More Sustainable Future

Pivot Bio can solve agriculture’s biggest challenge by delivering nitrogen to plants to feed a growing population without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer.

The Nitrogen Opportunity

Pivot Bio delivers reliable, predictable and sustainable nitrogen for farmers without compromising on yield.

Verified Carbon Credits may be issued for the greenhouse gas emission reductions associated with crops grown in the continental U.S. as part of the N-OVATOR™ program