N-OVATOR™ for Corporate Partners

Sustainability Means More than Just Carbon

Through our N-OVATOR™ Program, Pivot Bio translates the replacement and reduction of synthetic fertilizer into verifiable environmental impact reports that support Scope 3 reporting. By rigorously tracking and verifying the use of our microbial nitrogen to replace synthetic fertilizer, Pivot Bio provides companies with verified, immediate and permanent emissions reductions and other environmental benefits at the beginning of your value chain.

Join the Nitrogen Revolution

Access immediate, permanent emissions reductions while supporting sustainability in your value chain.

The impact from replacing synthetic fertilizer is real – for farmers, the planet and your company’s climate commitments.

Achieve More with Nitrogen Credits
Achieve More with Nitrogen Credits

As companies look for opportunities to mitigate the risk of climate change to their operations, agriculture is emerging as a leading opportunity for value chain mitigation.

Nitrogen pollution contributes to biodiversity loss and greenhouse gas emissions. The production and use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 2.5% of annual global GHG emissions.

By replacing synthetic fertilizer with Pivot Bio products, farmers can deliver an immediate, permanent avoidance of GHG emissions while also promoting cleaner air and water.

wide view of a corn field

When farmers replace synthetic nitrogen with Pivot Bio microbial nitrogen, they achieve an immediate, permanent and measurable avoidance of impactful GHGs. These synthetic nitrogen replacements provide consistent impact year-over-year.

To date, Pivot Bio products are used on over 5 million acres, with the opportunity to scale the N-OVATOR™ Program to reach millions more.

How N-OVATOR™ Works

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    Define sustainability targets

    Set Scope 3 emissions reduction targets and other sustainability goals.

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    Join N-OVATOR™ Program

    Your company partners with Pivot Bio to purchase nitrogen credits and/or source more grains produced with fewer emissions.

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    Support Farmers

    Through N-OVATOR™, your company can deepen engagement with farmers by investing in reducing the amount of synthetic fertilizer that is used at the farm level.

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    Meet Sustainability Goals

    Your company can create an immediate, permanent change to the emissions profile while delivering multiple benefits to water quality, air quality and biodiversity.

Pivot Bio growers are uniquely positioned to deliver sustainability value into multiple pathways

Illustration of the corn value chain
Farmer holding a box of Pivot Bio Proven40

    How could this fit into my supply chain?

    Our partnership can include farmers who use Pivot Bio today or a longer-term partnership with your producers to change their nitrogen practices.

    How do we verify the replacement of synthetic fertilizer?

    All data and claims are verified by an independent auditor who validates and verifies the total impact resulting from the replacement of synthetic fertilizer by N-OVATOR™ growers.

Two farmers walking together through their recently planted farmland

With the Pivot Bio N-OVATOR™ Program, your company can confidently and permanently meet decarbonization goals and build a more sustainable value chain.

N-OVATOR™ Nitrogen Credits

A nitrogen credit is a tradable asset that captures the positive environmental impacts that are delivered when synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is replaced with a non-polluting nitrogen source – such as preservation of water, reductions in nitrate leaching and avoided greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrogen credits are measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent avoided, liters of water preserved, and kilos of nitrate leaching prevented.

A More Sustainable Future

Pivot Bio can solve agriculture’s biggest challenge by delivering nitrogen to plants to feed a growing population without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer.

The Nitrogen Opportunity

Pivot Bio delivers reliable, predictable and sustainable nitrogen for farmers without compromising on yield.

Verified Carbon Credits may be issued for the greenhouse gas emission reductions associated with crops grown in the continental U.S. as part of the N-OVATOR™ program