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A Proven Nitrogen Advantage

A breakthrough leader in nitrogen innovation, Pivot Bio is committed to supporting healthier, more productive and resilient crops and preventing nitrogen loss to the environment.

Each year, we partner with farmers to collect data to validate the nitrogen advantage delivered by PROVEN® 40. Even in distinct and challenging growing conditions, PROVEN® 40 consistently delivers a nitrogen advantage, validating the predictability of our microbial nitrogen compared to synthetic nitrogen.

Results You Can See

In 2023, despite challenging weather patterns in key regions, PROVEN® 40 consistently demonstrated its efficacy across all corn growing regions, increasing plant nitrogen levels by an average 8% in 2023. When averaged across 2022 and 2023, PROVEN® 40 consistently delivered an 11% advantage over the grower standard practices.


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Results You Can See

When compared to grower standard practice, PROVEN® 40 outperforms synthetic nitrogen in biomass, chlorophyll concentration, and in-plant nitrogen. Our microbial nitrogen delivers consistent, predictable results, regardless of application method (in-furrow or on-seed) or growing region. See how PROVEN® 40 compares in the field against synthetic nitrogen.

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Pivot Bio is using science and technology to meet the demand for nitrogen consistency and dependability. See how our microbial nitrogen converts atmospheric nitrogen into a plant-ready form that is delivered to crops, all season long, across all growing regions and weather.

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2022 In-Plant Nitrogen Measurement Study Results

A Proven Solution

Extensive research confirms that PROVEN® 40 can replace up to 40 lbs/acre of synthetic nitrogen while maintaining or improving yield, and without leaching or contributing to nitrous oxide pollution.

Nitrogen for Corn

PROVEN® 40 microbial nitrogen delivers steady nutrition at the plant root, all season long, for a more predictable, productive corn crop.