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"Can we feed the world and save the world? Nitrogen is at the heart of that question." - Dr. David Kanter

The Nitrogen Dilemma, a 30-minute documentary, explores humanity's complex relationship with nitrogen. Synthetic fertilizer has helped feed the world for the last century, but not without ecological and economic impacts. Learn from farmers and climate experts on how we can break the bond with synthetic fertilizer and solve the nitrogen dilemma.


Solving the Nitrogen Dilemma

Nitrogen experts explore different ways to end our dependence on nitrogen fertilizer in this series of mini-lectures.




Dr. David Kanter, NYU professor and renowned nitrogen expert explores ways to solve the nitrogen dilemma from a policy perspective.



Dr. Michael Castellano, Iowa State University professor and nitrogen management expert talks about the importance of growing more food on the land currently in use while using less nitrogen fertilizer.



Dr. Kanter and Dr. Castellano discuss the impact of ending our dependence on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.