University of Kentucky

Study Finds 11 Bu/Ac Yield Advantage

The University of Kentucky Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment recently found that replacing 40 pounds of synthetic nitrogen with Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 can increase corn yields while reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizer.

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A comprehensive on-farm study evaluating Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 was led by researchers at the University of Kentucky.

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    New Trials Show Biologicals Boost Yields
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    PROVEN 40 Bridges Nitrogen Gap
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    Microbial Nitrogen Ups Corn Production Benefits
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    University of Kentucky Study Finds 11 Bushel Higher Corn Yield

Kentucky 2023 Local Performance Results

During the 2023 growing season, Pivot Bio measured product performance in fields across Kentucky.

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Innovation requires collaboration. Pivot Bio partners closely with leading university agriculture programs to conduct structured trials to demonstrate how our breakthrough technology maintains or improves yield. The goal? To prove that Pivot Bio's products help growers achieve greater profitability, predictability and sustainability.