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Ground and Pound

The 2020 Ford F-350 Lariat Crew Cab has durability and determination. It's everything you want in an everyday farm and work truck. With plenty of power and torque, this heavy-duty 10-speed transmission will tow – and is still easy to handle and fun to drive.

Get Up in Their Grill

They’ll see you coming long before you’re there! This bumper features indestructible Raycore Mining lights with 4,000 lumens in each light. You'll think the sun is shining when this bumper is lighting up the night!

Light 'Em Up

Darkness has never been so afraid of the light. Two Raycore Mining 60s lights are monsters delivering 60,000+ lumens each! You'll never be left in the dark again with these smooth beams! Plus, we've added a roof tire rack so you have more room for other cargo and better clearance on rugged roads.

Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed

This isn’t any cookie-cutter work truck. Highway Products flatbed is lightweight, durable aluminum, great for hauling big, and built to last. Plus, this is a one-of-a-kind flatbed that is complete with eight toolboxes, two integrated auxiliary pumps, 5th wheel access and a roof rack.

Kick the Tires

Military-inspired Rhino Arsenal modern wheels look good even when covered in dust and mud. Complete with 37" ProComp MT tires, these provide strength and durability to do all the work this truck has to offer and look the part of a workhorse wheel.

Wrap It Up

This truck is wrapped in rugged vinyl that provides added protection to the paint and holds up against any damage. It's scratch resistant, easy to clean, and makes the truck look even more rugged.

Click the green plus signs to see some of the amazing and EXCLUSIVE features built into this 2020 Ford F-350 Lariat Crew Cab. With plenty of power and torque, this heavy-duty work horse has what it takes to be the ultimate farm truck!  

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