A Breakthrough Innovation in Agriculture

A sustainable agriculture company, Pivot Bio delivers farmers patented crop nutrition technologies that harness the power of nature to reliably and productively grow the food the world needs in the face of increasing volatility. We are solving agriculture’s biggest challenge – delivering nitrogen to plants to feed a growing population without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer or compromising on yield.

Meeting the Needs of Today's Growers

Pivot Bio’s products maintain or improve yield while reducing dependence on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.

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    A More Dependable Nitrogen

    Synthetic nitrogen is unpredictable due to leaching and volatilization. Our technology meets the demand for nitrogen consistency and dependability by enabling microbes to convert atmospheric nitrogen and deliver it to crops, providing a source of nitrogen throughout the growing season.

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    A Proven Performer

    Pivot Bio collaborates with leading agricultural universities and research organizations to conduct structured trials that demonstrate how our breakthrough technology maintains or improves yield while delivering on our promise: helping growers achieve better profitability, predictability, and sustainability.

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    A Promising Climate Solution

    Synthetic fertilizer has been the primary way for farmers to grow the food world needs, but it is one of agriculture’s leading contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions and a significant driver of poor water quality, biodiversity loss, and air pollution. Our nitrogen is one of the most powerful on-farm climate change mitigation tools.

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Our Products

With Pivot Bio, growers achieve better profitability, predictability, safety, and sustainability.

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Pivot Bio partners with farmers nationwide to collect data on PROVEN® 40 performance. Our recent study validates the PROVEN® 40 nitrogen advantage over standard grower practices across distinct growing conditions – proving the predictability of our microbial nitrogen compared to synthetic nitrogen.

One thing I like is that the microbes don’t leach through to the soil profile, so it's not going into the groundwater. We know that nitrogen fixing microbes are going to stay there and provide nitrogen to the plant when the plant needs it.

Lisa Peterson, Iowa Farmer
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Our Perspective

Pivoting Forward with Continued Expansion

Pivoting Forward with Continued Expansion

Having grown up and lived in southern Illinois my entire life, I’ve had a front-row seat to how rapidly things change in agriculture. Faced with...