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Hear From Growers

After five years of testing in the lab, greenhouse and small plots, Pivot Bio launched its field-scale beta testing program with farmers across the Corn Belt in 2018. These innovative farmers tested the product in three-acre plots alongside a control plot. Throughout the growing season, these farmers worked closely with our product development team and provided critical input to ensure a successful 2019 limited launch. Here’s what they experienced:

Carmi, Illinois
Primary Crops: seed corn, corn and soybeans

“If we can reduce the amount of synthetic nitrogen that we apply to our crops, and use biological to help carry some of that load, that reduces our environmental impacts a lot.”

Perham, Minnesota
Primary Crops: corn, soybeans

“We are normally planning at least one to two side dress passes with nitrogen.  So, if we can put a product down at planting that will assure us getting twenty to fifty more units of nitrogen I can pretty much cancel out a pass later in the year.”

Morton, Minnesota
Primary Crops: corn, soybeans

“Having a biological to help enhance the nitrogen in our soil for plants to access throughout the growing season will be a wonderful addition to our operation.”